Business Type Manufacture
Export Percentage 50%
Export Markets Europe, Africa, Asia
Capital ¥51800000
OEM Services Provided Yes
Design Service Offered Yes
Sales Volume ¥80000000
Annual production capacity ¥100000000
NO.of R&D Staff 60
Year Established 2004
NO. of Engineers 120
NO. of Total Staff 200
Factory Size in Square Meters 20000m2
Own Brand Name 吉科电气、GEE&KE、G&K、JIKE
Current Principal Customers Electricity, energy, metallurgy, chemicals, shipbuilding, corporate, municipal, schools, hospitals, etc.
Type of Machinery Automatic CNC machine tools, three-position hydraulic busbar processing machines, automatic spraying production lines




First-class equipment, first-class production management system is essential for the production of high-tech products of high quality conditions, we have the world's leading import processing equipment. We integrate design strength of the professional category, combining deep knowledge produced through skillful technique of three-dimensional unfolded. Perfect cooperation among all of our core functions, make the product more in line with customer needs; allow more rigorous research and development of machinery and equipment, reliable, advanced and innovative; let the entire three teams all employees fulfill their duties, the subject matter in film and television as the carrier reflected. "win-win" core strategy to integrate all the resources to play, its specific implementation, and ultimately for customers to bring in huge profits.


Has strong production capability, automatic CNC machine tools, three-position hydraulic bus processing machines, automatic spraying production lines, advanced production equipment and experienced designers, technology and management personnel, and the formation of a development, design, manufacture, construction integrated service system.


Company Address:No.88 Siqian Road,Xinguang Industrial Zone, Liushi, Yueqing, Zhejiang, China
Tel:0086-577-62711102 400-07-16688