Business Type Manufacture
Export Percentage 50%
Export Markets Europe, Africa, Asia
Capital ¥51800000
OEM Services Provided Yes
Design Service Offered Yes
Sales Volume ¥80000000
Annual production capacity ¥100000000
NO.of R&D Staff 60
Year Established 2004
NO. of Engineers 120
NO. of Total Staff 200
Factory Size in Square Meters 20000m2
Own Brand Name 吉科电气、GEE&KE、G&K、JIKE
Current Principal Customers Electricity, energy, metallurgy, chemicals, shipbuilding, corporate, municipal, schools, hospitals, etc.
Type of Machinery Automatic CNC machine tools, three-position hydraulic busbar processing machines, automatic spraying production lines



Security detection equipment magnitude accurate, reliable obligations and the ability of technological progress will help improve the management level and service quality manufacturing and testing industry. In strict accordance with the national, departmental standards and industry requirements for testing and periodic testing equipment metrology province. Detection process to achieve automatic detection and control computer, monitor and camera integration, simple, database stability, in line with national standards.

Testing work Precautions

■ insulation detection, disconnect the branch circuit power.
■ insulation detection, disconnect the branch circuit power.
■ On the load side leakage protection switch between terminals when measuring insulation resistance, leakage protection switch should be zero line outlet side removed, so as to avoid high voltage megger
■ added leakage protection, but also easy to measure GFCI outlet insulation resistance value between zero line to protect the line side.
■ When the insulation resistance measurement circuit should prevent someone touches the line or equipment being measured, the prohibition measure lightning.
■ Ground resistance measurements thunderstorms prohibited conduct, and should avoid the device near high-voltage conductors have belt.
■ grounding device under test must be connected to the grid and the equipment separately, in order to facilitate the work of the security measure, but also help eliminate errors caused by stray current.
■ The power equipment, power systems should measure ground resistance.

Testing Equipment


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