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S9/S11-35series Oil immersed transformer




■ This product is applicable for transmission & transformation system of 50Hz and 110kv,as themain unit in the transformer substation, power plant, etc..
■ The core of this product adopts first-rank copper-silicon sheet, stacked by multi steps. Withnotable features like low consumption, low noise, protection against short circuit, this product hasbeen widely used in transformer substation, power plant, etc, enjoying high comments fromcustomers.

Structural Features

■ Original structure of iron core, with D-shaped iron core yoke and 45°miter set
■ Full-location for both iron core and oil tank, can guarantee the impact prevention in carrying.
■ Reasonable design of winding: The coil is designed into the inner and outer stay structure.
■ High-strength card boards are used among coils and between coil and iron core, which can improve the coil ability to resist the short circuit.
■ The wall of bell type flat oil tank is designed into the folded and corrugated structure , which enhances the mechanical strength of oil tank and brings nice and graceful appearance. 

Service Environment

■ Altitude: ≤1000m
■ Ambient temperature: the highest temperature+40℃, the highest monthly mean temperature+30℃;
■ The highest yearly mean temperature+20℃.
■ lnstallation environment inclination of installation lace<3°,no obvious dirt and corrosive or flammable gas.



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